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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Heart Faces: Excited!

I love this picture of my usually reserved daughter running on the beach in Florida. School had just ended for the Summer, days earlier. Her freshman year had been in many ways gruelling but very successful. She had just finished her Spring track season where she had earned a varsity letter for hurdles among other academic acolades. She certainly is not me at 15.
Anyways, I convinced her to sprint/hurdle her way down the beach so I could play around with my new camera. I think this picture captures that excited feeling I remember having when school is finally over for the year and you have the whole Summer ahead of you. Freedom!


  1. FREEDOM! What a fun picture. :o)

  2. She is very excited : ) I can see her excitement! Great entry! : )

  3. Awesome picture! Yup, sure looks like freedom from school :)