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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Night Stand Update

This is all new to me, posting photos in some kind of consecutive order. Frustrating.
I have a little pine night stand that my dear father made me in 1989. I was 22 and moving into my first apartment on my own. I owned very little furniture. He whipped up this cute little shaker style piece that to this day I keep by my bedside adorned with a love note made by 3 year old Donovan featuring Sponge Bob. My Dad passed away suddenly 9 years ago so I really cherish the pieces of furniture he made for me through the years. Not even two months after my Father died Donovan fell and required 7 stitches on his little chin. He was 3 at the time. I can still remember him lying on my bed after the traumatic ordeal of the injury and hospital visit. It was mid-afternoon and I was trying to get him to take a nap. I went in to check on him and he lifted his head off my pillow and said " you know why I am so sad Mommy?" I was fully expecting him to reply because my chin really hurts. But, he said "because I really miss Grampy and began to cry." I think it was around this time he left us the Sponge Bob love note.
So, I struggled a little on Monday, trying to decide if it was alright to paint this piece. It had become a little battered and was just kind of blending in with the wood floors in our bedroom.
I decided to spray paint it a deep chocolate brown, after a light sanding and coat of gray primer. I then chose feminine cyrstal knobs to balance the masculine color. I am really pleased with the result and I think my Father would be too. The integrity and memory of the piece remains. In the process I was really able to appreciate how much work he put into it, from the hand carved raised panels to the dove-tail drawers. And, my Sponge Bob love note is back where it belongs, the last thing I see each night before I turn off my light. :)

I am primping my stuff on Wednesday at : http://micheleravendesigns.blogspot.com/. :)

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