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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Primping my Pillows

I love DYI decorating, and especially decorating on a budget. Our whole house is done this way and even if I could afford it "all" I would still "do" a lot on my own. It is creative and fun. My favorite DYI projects are simple and inexpensive ofcourse. Kolhs already has all their Xmas decor 70% off. The most gorgeous placemats that are way too beautiful to serve food on and probably impossible to clean make the most lovely throw pillows. These place mats were only $1.80 each; gorgeous little works of art they are. I gently ripped open the side seam and stuffed them with the filling of an older fake feather bed that is no longer used. I quickly hand stitch them up and they are done. They are perfect! One I will give to my grandmother in the nursing home and two to my mother-in-law. The two white ones with sequined snowflakes are mine to keep.

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  1. Totally fabulous idea!!! Easy and so pretty - they'll make such lovely gifts! Just might watch those sales myself....

    Happy Holidays.

  2. the first one's pretty creative a shot!

    My Third Eye