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Monday, December 5, 2011

Swim Team

Donovan joined our local youth swim team. He swims nearly every week day for an hour or so. Non stop. I am so proud of him. It was a three day event to convince him and nearly drag him there the first couple of times. I almost gave up, having that struggle with the voice inside my head, wondering what was best for him. Do I "force" him and then have him hold it as ammunition to throw as he needs it through the years that he had no choice, or do I not give in to him sitting on the couch watching TV all Winter knowing that he is often afraid to try new things and scared to fail. Having two brothers who meanly point out any physical inadequacy you have does not help. I am believing that my heart is in the right place with this and that my instincts are "on". With trepidation he conceded and over nearly a weeks worth of days he finally joined. Against my best judgement I too conceded and bribed him with his hearts latest desire: a facebook page of his own. Which reminds me I need to jump on right after this post and monitor. His first meet is this weekend, but he hasn't yet realized that he will be competing in it. I am playing dumb and will let the coaches inform him. Wish us luck. :)

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  1. Congratulations to Donovan!!!
    I remember the ways in which I "convinced" my daughter to join the swim team, so I smile as I read this. She ended up swimming all 4 years of high school, and loved it.

    Thank you so much for sharing at The Creative Exchange today.

    Have a great evening!